Rooftop Snow Removal

Rooftop Snow Removal

Snow Removal Service in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI, is known for its harsh winters. With strong winds and heavy snow storms, it is common for driveways and roads to be packed with snow and for rooftops to be covered with snow.

It may seem as if the snow does not do anything to harm your property, but such belief is actually false. In actuality, consistent piles of snow on rooftops can contribute to significant damage and tear of your roof. You should rely on a professional roofing company in Milwaukee, WI, to maintain and/or repair the quality of your rooftop.

Roof Snow Removal is Significant

Roof snow removal is extremely important in Milwaukee, WI. When snow piles on top of your roof, it causes the integrity and structure of the roof to deteriorate, thereby decreasing the durability of your roof. In addition, the snow often takes a lengthy time to melt and dissolve. The heavy pounds of snow transitions into abnormal puddles of water and overall dampness which can be devastating to the structure of your roof.

Although snow appears lightweight, as it forms piles and drifts on your roof, you run the risk of having sleet, rain or freezing temperatures create a layer of ice on the snow. This ice adds significant weight to the roof, often resulting in damage and collapse.

Below are a few of the most common types of disadvantages and threats that snow on rooftops often contribute to.

Mold, mildew and bacteria can develop in your home

Due to the presence of wetness, it is common for mold, mildew and other forms of bacteria to develop and multiply within your home. Mold and mildew are extremely dangerous and toxic, especially for young children, the elderly, and pets. They can contribute to severe migraines, respiratory problems, and general immune deficiencies. The most serious cases involve the development of cancerous cells in youth.

Such bacteria may also cause unpleasant odors in your home.

Your home may attract unwanted pests

In addition to undesirable mold and mildew, your home may become the site of unwanted pests. Roaches, ants, birds and even rodents may be attracted to your home. These animals may leave waste droppings on your roof and/or in your home that hold odors and that are difficult to clean. Further, these pests may be carriers of harmful bacteria and diseases.

Fire hazards

As snow upon rooftops melt, the pressure of the snow and the water combined can cause excessive leakage. Such liquid can travel through many different areas of your roof, often infiltrating your home in unknown places. Water, snow and ice may seep into the walls and corners of your home, often around outlets and other machinery (i.e. washing machines, air conditioning units). This can damage the currents of electricity within your home and if dropped alongside machinery, the snow, ice and/or liquid water can contribute to a hazardous fire.

Ice and snow removal in Milwaukee, WI, is not just about appearance of your home and roof. It is deeper than that. Your general well-being, health and safety may be at risk. Allow a professional snow removal service to alleviate your concerns and restore your roof during Wisconsin’s most dreadful winter seasons.

Providing Rooftop Snow Removal Services in Milwaukee, WI, Since 1985

For over 30 years, Gibbs Home Improvements has been serving Milwaukee, WI, and the surrounding areas. Our roofing professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise of roofing strategies, preventative maintenance, and restoration. No matter how severe a snow or ice storm may be, our roofing professionals are prepared to remove snow and ice off of your rooftop in an effective and quick manner. Our work is done properly to prevent you from constant roof servicing.

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