Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs in Milwaukee

Roofs are essential to our homes. They protect us from outside forces such as animals and weather conditions. When roofs become damaged, they can pose major risks to our pockets, home and safety. The Milwaukee roofing contractors at Gibbs Home Improvements are seasoned roofing professionals and will do everything in our power to repair your roof and prevent further complications from occurring.

Roof Repair Services

Milwaukee, WI, is known for its harsh weather conditions. Severe thunderstorms, powerful winds and heavy snow and hail can drastically damage a roof, adding piles of weight to roofing support and even cause erosion of materials. In Milwaukee, the most common forms of roofing repairs are needed to fix:

  • Ponding waters
  • Blistering and/or surface erosion
  • Punctures, leaks, holes, etc.
  • Excess moisture
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Poor installation
  • Poor resistance/blow-offs

Professional roofing contractors at Gibbs Home Improvements have many years of experience with all of these issues. We will examine your home, identify the problems and apply necessary materials to correct and prevent future issues from occurring.

Roofing Problems Can Ruin Your Home

A lot of people throw their roofing problems underneath the rug. They do not take them seriously and wrongfully assume that the roof will last. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, roof damages can ruin your home, and some roofing companies will over charge you because of it.

Safety / Fire Hazards

If your roof begins to leak, water and other liquids can travel to many places. Depending on how your installation system operates, this water may escape and travel into areas of your home where electricity or power outlets are present. If this happens, your home may be set on fire, or a chemical explosion may occur. Not only will you be forced to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to restore your home, but your pets and family members may be severely injured.

Poor Ventilation

Believe it or not, roofs play a major role in keeping a home well-ventilated. If a roof has leaks or holes, the air in your home may be escaping through your roof. Or, the cold air from Milwaukee’s harsh winters may be seeping into your home from mysterious places. As a result, your heating and air ventilation systems may become overworked and fail. This may also raise your utility bills.


Problems in your roof may also create overall unpleasantries in your home. Your roof and several walls within your home may become stained, discolored, cracked and rusty. Mold and mildew, which are extremely dangerous to immune and respiratory systems (especially among pets, children and the elderly), may develop within your home. Further, your home may attract undesirable pests such as algae, fungi, rodents, roaches and birds. The waste and/or bacteria that these pests may carry are unsightly and extremely dangerous. Repairing a roof can greatly improve the overall wellness of your home. Do not allow your home to become a site for unwanted animals because of something as simple as roof repairs.

You Need a Professional Roofing Contractor

A dilapidated roof can lead to numerous damages and overall negative effects within your home. It is crucial that you contact a professional roofing contractor to assist you. A professional roofing contractor can:

  • Locate and detect signs of problems in areas that are difficult to reach and/or find
  • Use their expert knowledge and skills to correct and reverse roofing problems
  • Apply flat, shingle, metal and/or asphalt roofs correctly (despite weather conditions)
  • Clean, repair and replace shingles
  • Provide you with maintenance tips that work

Do not risk the safety and upkeep of your home. Contact a professional roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, today.

Roofing Repair Professionals in Milwaukee, WI

At Gibbs Home Improvements, our professional roofing contractors are honest and reliable. We will go above and beyond through our roof repair services so that your home's roof can withstand the harshest of weather conditions in Milwaukee, WI. Rely on us to restore your roof, one of the most significant components of your home.

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