Kitchen Remodel

Milwaukee, WI Kitchen Remodeling Services

Few homeowners commit to a kitchen remodel without at least one clear goal in mind. At Gibbs Home Improvements, we provide completed design-build solutions for your home remodels based on what you need and want the most.

Need A New Look?

Whether you’re tired of your current kitchen design or your kitchen just doesn’t meet the needs of your family, we can help. From simple cosmetic changes like new cabinet hardware, matching faucets and other décor, we can revamp your kitchen for a fresh, new look.

If your kitchen just doesn’t give you the room you need, or is laid out in such a way that makes cooking a chore, we’ve got you covered. Our kitchen remodel services cover everything, including:

  • Removing / replacing cabinetry
  • Expanding your kitchen
  • Moving appliances
  • Building new counters
  • Adding storage

How About More Light?

As the Wisconsin winters drag on, many people long for more natural light in their homes. We can help you achieve this through a few options like new light fixtures that complement bulbs that produce natural light. We can also renovate your kitchen to add larger windows, a sliding glass door, French doors or even a skylight. There are no limits when it comes to designing and building your dream kitchen.

Natural lighting is the only way to help beat the blues when if your kitchen isn’t well-lit. Lighted cabinets and under-cabinet lighting can drastically improve the appearance of your kitchen, making it more inviting and a better area to cook, entertain and gather.

Do You Have Enough Storage?

A cluttered kitchen can easily kill your mood for cooking or inviting guests. We see this often in homes of every size in and around Milwaukee. Many times, kitchens simply need to be updated to include adequate storage for appliances like coffee makers, mixers and blenders. Other times, there’s not enough cabinets to store pots and pans, large utensils and all the other kitchen gadgets that help you prepare delicious food.

When it comes to storage, we can create everything from simple to extraordinary. Adding cabinets, drawers and pantries is no trouble. Or perhaps it would be most beneficial to install an island for storage and additional seating. We can also install beautiful pot racks for the ever-popular industrial charm of being in a real, culinary inclined kitchen. From slide-out pantries to closets, we can transform your cluttered kitchen into a sleek and beautiful place your family will love to gather.

We Provide Affordable Solutions

As home repair and remodeling professionals in Southeastern Wisconsin, we know that a home never stops growing. To keep up with your family, changing lifestyles and new hobbies, we design and build kitchens that our customers love for years to come. And we never shy away from redoing kitchens after many years when an update is required.

If your kitchen could serve you better, contact Gibbs Home Improvements today. We’re Milwaukee’s solution to kitchen woes.

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