Gutter Cleaning And Repair

Gutter Repair, Installation & Replacement

Tearing off or replacing your old roof? There’s never a better time to consider the benefits of upgrading damaged, worn-out or leaking gutters. Many home improvement professionals can perform both of these projects, saving you time and money in the process as you avoid having to hire additional gutter replacement companies.

Why Gutter Repair & Gutter Covers Are Important

The average house roof is subject to many inches of precipitation every year. Gutter systems direct this accumulation away from the side of your house using gutters, downspouts, and drainpipes. This keeps moisture from collecting around the foundation of your house, redirecting it to storm drains.

Gutter guards are a second line of defense versus foundation moisture. They keep debris from building up in your gutters and downspouts, alleviating pressure from clogs and saving the owner the time and expense of gutter cleaning and repair.

The Problem With Moisture

Moisture buildup around your home can cause problems, the most prevalent of which are cracks in the foundation. These cracks lead to leaking, basement flooding, and further foundation damage. Repairing the crack with hydraulic filler will stop the flow of water, but it may eventually need to be repeated and could possibly lead to worse cracking. Excess moisture caused by water in your basement can also lead to fungal wood rot and other avoidable occurrences.

Fortunately, the source of these issues can be determined and repaired by a reputable gutter company before damage occurs.

Common Gutter Repair Issues

A gutter repair company will see many non-working gutter systems every year.

  • Steel gutters tend to rust over time and develop pinholes and tears, and the joints can loosen and break off.
  • Gutter nails work free from the house during storms, heavy rain and strong winds.
  • Elbow pipes and downspouts can develop leaks, often from debris buildup in the piping. This buildup can also cause overflow of the gutter itself, leading to striped dirt patterns on your gutters, rust, and other unwanted results.
  • Any section of gutter that is missing, unattached, or in disrepair will add to the amount of foundation moisture around the house.

Leave It to the Pros — Local Gutter Contractors

All of these gutter problems are easily solved by a professional home repair company like Gibbs Home Improvements. Installing or repairing gutter systems is best completed by our home improvement professionals working as we can identify any issues you may have, improve your drainage and avoid the sort of issues created by a damaged or non-functioning gutter system.

Keep your home happy and safe with Gibbs Home Improvements.

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